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Currency: There are approximately 82 Indian rupees to a pound and 45 to a US Dollar. Being a partially controlled currency rupees are not reality available outside India. All ports of entry in the country have a 24-hours bank exchange counter immediately after customs and immigration. Keep the encashment certificate that are given by hotels / banks when your convert foreign currency into rupees. Rupees so converted, as evidence by the encashment certificates, are deemed to be foreign exchange when paying local bills.

Leave a copy of the Itinerary with family or friends at home. Carry extra copies with you in case you lose it. It’s a good thought to make two photocopies of your passport identification page, photo I.D, air tickets, driver’s license and the credit cards if any. Leave one copy of each with family or friends at home, and pack the other copies separately from the originals.

Valuables - Don't bring anything you would hate to lose. Leave at home:

Valuable or expensive-looking jewelry

All unnecessary credit cards

Social Security card and similar items that may be in your wallet.

Protect Yourself

Tag it: Make sure you have a secure I.D. tag on all your luggage and carry-ons, including your laptop. Tape your business card to the bottom, with your cell phone number, in case you leave it at security, they can call you at the airport. Also, brightly colored tags or a colorful strap will make your black bag stand out from all the others. It’s a good idea to put your contact information INSIDE your bags, in case your tag goes missing or gets ripped off.

Check what you are wearing to the airport: It is very important that you carefully choose the clothing to wear to the airport. It is always advisable to dress conservatively. Over dressing or the wrong clothing can make you the target of criminals. To avoid being a target of crime, do not wear conspicuous clothing or jewelry, and do not carry excessive amount of money. Also, do not leave unattended luggage in public areas and do not accept packages from strangers.

Clothing: Travel clothing should be versatile, comfortable, and fast-drying. Good travel clothing looks appropriate and smart in a variety of settings.Travel clothing must also be comfortable or our whole travel experience will suffer.

If you are packing for travel to a cold climate consider clothes like Coats, Scarves, Boots, Gloves, hats etc.

If you are packing for travel to a hot climate consider clothes such as loose, pale-coloured cottons,Wear a hat.

For the sightseeing session you may find a good pair of sunglasses.

Healthcare: Avoid drinking tap water and taking ice in drinks. Stick to bottled water ( or boiled / UV treated water available at the hotels ) and ensures that the seal is opened by you / in your presence. Aerated water ( bottled soft drinks ) are fine. Eat moderately for the first few days. Allow your system to get used to the changes.

Beat Blisters: Foot problems are a painful part of the frequent-flyer lifestyle. Long hours of walking in airports can lead to blisters. Band-aids often slip off toes and heels, so pack thin moleskin instead. Buy the soft self-adhesive sheets at a grocery or drugstore, cut them into small squares and keep them in your purse or briefcase. If a shoe starts to rub, then cover the area right away before it turns into a nasty blister.

Laundry: Most hotels and resort offer laundry service fo few days. A portable iron can be handy when pressed for time. In remote areas laundry service may not be available.

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